You Should See My Mommy!!

I apologize for being a bit desparecido as of late. The entire moving process in a matter of a month has been almost all consuming! Right now the contents of my home is being packed up and loaded into a huge truck. They say they'll have our things to us in about a week which sort of trips me out but it's just stuff right? All the important things I have with me like my husband, babies and our pug dogs! All that other stuff can be replaced. Although I completely expect our stuff to make it to Ventura County and to our new home!!
 In the process of all this packing and purging I uncovered some of my baby dolls, more specifically some of my old Cabbage Patch kids. Pleeeease tell me some of you had these growing up!! Anyway, one of the dolls had this shirt on that Stella is now wearing. I couldn't resist putting it on my real life baby doll!!
We are linking up as always with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style! I cannot wait to see all the little ones in their fall best this week
By early next week we hope to be cozy in our new house, busy making it a home! Things may be a bit quiet until next week but I will have plenty to share once we are settled.
...Until then!
On Stellita-
onesie: Gerber, pants: Old Navy, shirt: vintage(err is it a hand me down? HAH!), bow: Adorn Me Girl, shoes: Little Soles

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  1. too funny that the shirt fits! good luck on the move.

  2. That shirt is so cute! She looks way cute sitting on that little bike! Thanks so much for linking my bow!

  3. Awww I remember my first Cabbage Patch. Her name was Corey. Your daughter looks adorable in the shirt. Stopping in from Followers Fest but for some reason I can't use my profile to post. My blog is at



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