Las Hojas Caídas

It hailed twice today! The second of the two hail storms was quite impressive and got me all excited and wide eyed. I'm a sucker for a good thunder and lightening(from a cozy window seat of course)!the sky actually sounded as if it were cracking open above us today. I'm pretty sure JQ thought that was actually happening because he was over the whole thing, poor guy. Between storms Stella and i went outside to investigate and poke around some. She immediately started collecting the fallen leaves (las hojas caidas) like she collects her binkies and toys. She laughed and ran from me , per usual, goodies in hand. She would then collect some more, show them to me, then run off squealing with delight. She is such a stinker like that! Gosh I love her!

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Stella Wore:
Dress and Tights-Old Navy
Shoes-Little Soles
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  1. oh my goodness, she is precious. and she looks so happy. i love that little playing with leaves....can create such a smile :)

  2. Stella is such a doll! She always looks soo cute! I love her layered dress.

  3. It snowed here...and I can't get over it...too soon! Now what to wear, what to wear? I love her ruffle dress, you know I'm into ruffles lately?...

  4. i can't believe all this hail i'm reading about. do you live near Morgan?

  5. Nothing is cuter than a girl in ruffles!

  6. The hail sounds crazy. I saw the picture Morgan posted, and it looked absolutely nuts! Nevertheless, weather is cool.

  7. Stella is so cute, she's a doll!
    Moments like this are the most beautiful ones! :)



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