Comfort In Cupcakes

Its been an exciting week in these parts. Our world is about to change a bit, Now that the initial shock has worn off things are beginning to fall into place. Our home is going to become a rental ( little house..)and so I am doing my very best to keep it clean and tidy for families to view (and not totally freak them out by asking a gazillion questions). Nothing really spells h.o.m.e. to me more than the smell of comfort food and baked sweets. So when I received this Sugar Mama cupcake mix in the mail I wanted to drop everything and bake them right then. I am nostalgic and missing home already! SHHESH. 
That evening my Mr. took the kiddos out to the park and left me alone at the house. I embraced the occasion! I poured a glass of wine put on De La Soul and baked up these bits of deliciousness.
Sadly I had no cool or funky cupcake baking papers...

I often bake gluten free but rarely do I bake vegan goodies. When Mr. became ill (just over a year ago now!!) changing our diet was first on the list. His Doctors played with the idea that he had Celiac Disease and although that was not the case cutting gluten from his diet helped digestion incredibly. As a family we have cut gluten down to a minimum although JQ loves his buttermilk toast in the morning and any and all sweets (like his Mama)!! I was quite surprised to find very slim, if none at all, gluten free bread/baked good options at our local farmers market and local bakeries. So you KNOW I was thrilled to find Sugar Mama's vegan and gluten free cupcake mixes via Ashley's blog
Just the thought of having the little ones arrive home to freshly made treats makes me happy. Needless to say the kiddos loved them.  I may or may not have taste tested a bit of frosting in advance of them arriving it accidentally got on my finger of course!!! Let me tell you... delicious!  The following day we had another (don't judge) and I sent my Mom and sister home with some as well. They all loved them!
And tonight the rain has started. It finally feels and smells like fall outside. This time next month we will be in a new house, in a new city and with plenty of comfort foods to make it feel more like home...
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No compensation has been given for this post.  Sugar Mama Bake Shop provided a cupcake mix and frosting to me. All opinions are my own.
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  1. There is definitely comfort in cupcakes. Lots of comfort. :)

  2. And oh girl, I always taste test when I bake treats. I taste test, like, the entire time that I am baking. It's always a wonder there is any left. :)



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