A Lil' More Block, A Lil' Less Burn

Being the caring, cautious mother I am, the babes both received a generous lathering of sun block yesterday before heading out on our play date at the park. Unfortunately I failed in protecting my own skin. This of course is the reason for the catchy blog title.
Things have been quite busy in and around our home but we are managing to enjoy the moments in between. Impromptu dessert dates, frozen Capri Suns, giggle attacks stuff like that. My Mr. is feeling well sans medication now for almost two weeks which is FANTASTIC! Joaquin is talking more and picking up new words like hotttttt (emphasis on the "ttttt" part) and What?

We are linking with MamaLovesPapa for some Small Style of course.
On Stella:
Blouse & Bloomer Set: Gift, First Impressions
Shoes: Robeez
On Joaquin:
Plaid Button-Up: Target
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  1. Very cute!! And enjoying fun in the sun is always a good thing. :) Sorry about your lack of sun block on yourself.

  2. Love her outfit, and his shirt!


  3. They are gorgeous.
    I love button up shirts on little boys - so sweet.

  4. Adorable outfits! They are both so sweet!

    I'm so glad to hear that your husband has been feeling good. What great news!!



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