Turning Two! Toot, toot!!

Joaquin is going to be two years old in exactly one month. He has gone from infant, to babe, to little boy so quickly it seems. We are all looking forward to celebrating his birthday, hearing his laugh and seeing him race around with his little friends.
Yeah... Can't Wait!
Party planning is in full swing but I have to admit I have to keep myself from getting carried away with the excitement. After all, he is only turning two right??!! ...and as much fun as a big birthday party would be I am going to tone it down a bit and be practical. Joaquin will be able to enjoy his day better anyhow with just a few friends, family and a hole lot of fun! He is super into cars, trains, Buzz Light Year and his new boots so  ...can you guess what the party theme will be?
Well actually we are going with a train theme although I love this picture of my little man in his boots and PJ's. There are such adorable party decorations and ideas on Etsy.com. I think I will be getting the decorations, invites and cake topper all from this site. Love that!


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