Busy Besito Boy

Joaquin has been a total cuddle bug lately. eergh. At least that is the way I am looking at it. Technically he has been a bit clingy but they are only small and "cuddly" for so long so I keep that in mind when he is pulling at my legs and wrapping his arm through mine at nap time. He gives besitos sometimes and can be rather stingy when giving them out so I have started a bit of a game with him. Sometimes in the afternoon when he has skipped his nap and gets a bit cranky and needy I will toss him, and myself on the bed and we will play. It improves his mood (and mine) every time. We have pillow fights, tickle, I steal kisses and we take funny pictures and videos to send to his Dad. Too soon he will no longer want to be silly with me and "cuddle"...but I am not going to think about that now. Instead I am going to try and enjoy every minute,...even the fussy ones.
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