About the time my son started walking (11 months) we bought him a sit on/walk behind type Lightening McQueen Car. At first he would just sit on it and was mainly interested in all the buttons and sounds it would make. Then gradually he began to sit on it and push a little with his legs, open up the seat and put things inside. About that time Lightening came with us to Baltimore for five months and then back to California in May. He has had his batteries replaced at least twice and most of his stickers are now half pulled off and some of his buttons do not work. Bottom line, Joaquin LOVES this toy. No soft plush bunny rabbit or silky blanket for my little guy...just Lightening! Lately my son has begun to push Lightening around, fast. There has been innumerable car crashes in my living room and even in the backyard. Lightening has been thrown off the back steps and left in the middle of the lawn when he got stuck. Oh yes this is an indoor/outdoor sort of toy(unbeknown to the manufacturer I am sure!) Joaquin loves the Car movie too and says "Kaachow" while shaking his hips and says car in his sleep and makes the reving sound an engine makes. My son is crazy for cars and his Lightening McQueen.
a few days ago in his room.

Lightening has even started being put into bed and up on the couch if that is were Joaquin is going. He went with us over to a friends Bar-B-Que this past weekend as well. It just occurred to me that I don't have many pictures of Lightening and this most certainly is something that will go in his baby book. In looking at the few pictures I do have you can see how much Joaquin has grown. The photo above is recent while the one below is about five months ago. WOW! The video at the bottom was taken yesterday evening. And yes. son does own pants but for some reason he prefers a t-shirt and diaper. (:
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