Hiding Baby

So I had my first bi-weekly midwife appointment today and all is well. I am measuring 32 weeks and my weight gain (this time) is textbook, at least according to the nurse. Babies heartbeat was good, my blood pressure, protein and glucose levels,...all right on track. Today was also the day I met one of the new midwives that could potently deliver this baby. In reviewing my chart she was highly surprised at the size of my last baby, Joaquin, at birth. UMMM weren't we all highly surprised???!! I know I was! My pregnancy with Joaquin was much like this one measurement wise, so she stated that I must "hide my babies somewhere." This sounded funny to me and even as I drove away from the appointment I was thinking about it...smiling. Where exactly would I be hiding the baby and what, my belly isn't big enough?? HA HA. The likelihood of this baby being as large as sweet Joaquin is slim. Regardless I am ready to meet this little one that has been kicking and punching and giving me plenty of heartburn!! So, Come out, Come out where ever you are baby girl!!! We want to meet you.
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  1. 32 weeks already....your pregnancy is flying by!! can't wait to see your sweet little girl!!! hope you guys have agreed on a name!!!



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