Dressing The Belly

I was so excited in the first weeks of pregnancy this time around about all the fun, stylish maternity clothes I was going to find. Of course with my last pregnancy I soon found out that there is a major style factor missing with most maternity clothes, but alas this time I was determined! Afterall I would be my biggest, roundest, pregtastic self during the spring and early summer so there is bound to be cute stuff out there right?? Ugh!
I am 22 weeks now and full blown into my maternity bottoms. The weather here still calls for pants and I have a plethora of preggo jeans left from my last pregnancy so no worries there. However I have been doing some web browsing for springish, summery maternity stuff and am SO not impressed. It is not ALL doom and gloom though. I am happy to report I have found a new (to me) website with decently priced stylish clothes. Asos is a British (of course) online store and they have a fab maternity line. http://www.asos.com
Aside from this I am going to go the Tori Spelling route I think and try to avoid Maternity clothes all together and just buy a size (or three) larger than normal. Afterall the tunic tops and summer dresses aren't that figure hugging this season. Wish me luck ya'll and happy shopping!!
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