Pearls and Other Treasures

My little prince has TWO teeth! I can hardly believe how quickly his is growing. The two bottom teeth came in about two weeks apart and I think he is working on more because there is a lot of drool happening....He is proud of his new found ability to bit and chew although it is tough to get a picture of him showing off the new additions! Well, not only does he have two shiny new pearls he is crawling. Not even a week ago he started belly crawling/dragging across the floor and about two days ago, whammo...crawling. Mind you his movements are a bit robotic but holly heck CRAWLING!!! I am exhausted and I am not even the one crawling and rolling around. Whats a mommy to do, this is just the beginning of his mobility and already he has me racing! To celebrate his new found mobility we got some new toys for him to climb in, on and explore as well as a rug for the livingroom floor ( we have hardwood floors). Ikea had some fantastic things, one of which is the play tent in the photos...he loves it and it is perfect size for him to play in (and me!!)
Wish me luck all, mostly to keep my energy level up. I don't think it will be long and he will be pulling himself over the side of the crib. We have it all the way lowered and he can already look over the top rail!!! Where has my helpless little infant gone????
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