Take me out to the ball game...

Always excited for baseball season to start, I am just as pleased when it comes to an end. My husband adores the game of baseball. In fact he loves everything about the sport,...the food, the stadium, the history, all of it. We own baseball biographies, books on C.D. not to mention D.V.D's such as Field of Dreams, The Benchwarmer's and the list goes on. For this reason Joaquin at six and a half months old has been to two major league games, two minor league games and many, many "Sunday" league games here in town (which are NOT on Sundays but rather every Wednesday and two on Saturday). My husband plays on two teams, one which he manages and the other a more competitive traveling team. We travelled to Oregon where he played on the very nice Harry and David field and to San Francisco where he played in Golden Gate Park. Being the cautious Mommy I am I wasn't all that sure Joaquin would like the sound of the announcer on the load speaker or the roar of the crowd but it turns out I think he loves every minute of it. For the fourth of July we attended the local Outlaws game and the stadium had the greatest attendance in its history. Keener's seemed to be enjoying himself and even stared bright eyed at the fireworks proceeding the game. Finally, baseball season is winding down and the Autumn season is approaching. I can't help but realize that for next years baseball season Joaquin will be running around and perhaps cheering on his Daddy with a little voice, maybe even throwing a ball! (Wouldn't my husband just LOVE that!) So, thank goodness for playoffs and World Series and the end of baseball season. Thank goodness for something called "Fall ball" too...that is just getting started, ...oh my!
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